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It’s like the way you drove from London just to see me smile

And the way you kiss me every time we cross a stile

I just can’t tell you what I’m feeling on the ‘phone

So I’ll turn it off and sit you down and say it all

When you get home


It’s like the time you told me all you watch is H.B.O.

And you were never one for brunch but it’s your favourite portmanteau

You hold my rapture more than anything I’ve known

So I’ll close the door and drop the shade and do it all

When you get home


No one’s eyes can see so deep

All we are is what we keep


It’s like the time in Snowdon when you tried to count the stars

And the way you always give a name for motor cars

For all these reasons I can’t wait ‘til we’re alone

So I’ll take your hand and lay you down and give it all

When you get home

(Copyright Jules Benjamin)

From the album 'Fear Of Landing'

When You Get Home - Jules Benjamin
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