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Tell me when you get into the city
Houlihan’s is king of happy hour
Got a little room on Seventh Avenue
New York baby, just stay as you are

Gonna take a little road adventure
Fillmore East to West in just a year
Gonna find my paradise with Kerouac
Baby driver just stay as you are

Well some porcelain Lolita’s riding on my mind
But if you ask I’ll have to take the fifth
In my over all contrivance it’s the missing piece
The only absent item on my list

They don’t like us playing this Satan’s music
But the Devil always had the coolest tunes
Gonna get a ticket for the Mardi Gras
Music baby, just stay as you are

The sweetest thing is heading for the city
She’s gonna pack her future and her dreams
She’s got to carry all her books to Birmingham
Pretty baby, just stay as you are
Just stay as you are
Just stay as you are

(Copyright Jules Benjamin)

From the album 'Northtown'

Stay As You Are - Jules Benjamin
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