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I’m gonna write me a pocketbook
Every word I’ve said and every look
My every smile and loving glance that you mistook
And every chance to be with me that you never took

So when I find you sat there crying some day
‘Cos your man has upped and gone away
Just like I knew he would
I’ll show you my book, I’ll show you my book

I’m gonna write you your very own song
Because it’s clear to me that we belong
How every bit I think that it’s right you think that it’s wrong
And how my fingers are burned from this torch I’ve held so long

So when you’re lonely some way down the line
‘Cos you couldn’t read the simple signs I plastered ten foot high
I’ll sing you my song, I’ll sing you my song

I don’t know why I let myself go through this pain for you
I hate not being in control but there’s nothing I can do

I’m gonna make you a paper heart
A simple reminder of my weakest part
Of how it loses life with each and every bitter dart
Though you must know that you’ve had the real thing right from the start

So when you find yourself against the wall
And you think that you’ll try me after all
Just like I hoped you would
I’ll give you my heart, I’ll give you my heart

(Copyright Jules Benjamin)

From the album 'Northtown'

Pocketbook - Jules Benjamin
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