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The sun screams through the open limbs of a naked tree on a winter’s day
My mind flicks through the virgin leaves in a picture book from my yesterdays
On the whole it’s all the same except my skin was tight and my hair was good
And I’m looking back through the fifteen years

You know I’ve got less to show than you’d think I would

You can tell a man’s wealth from the shoes that he wears
So in I walk with nothing on my feet, nothing on my feet

The rain falls in an icy sheet as I’m heading out from the city sludge
I stood long on a failing ground while they arbitrated and dared to judge
The old friends fade and disappear, or they’ll turn and shoot as you start to run
It’s the K-mart girls and the working men who don’t seem to care about what I’ve done

You can tell a man’s favour by the friends that he keeps
So here I am standing on my own, standing on my own

Why is it when I want someone I get lost in the crowd
Why is it when I want to be alone all I do is stand out
Why is people wearing hats and coats don’t know how to drive
Why is it a man’s got to die fifty times before he’s alive, and the snow…

The snow finds it’s resting place against the driver’s door of my Dolomite
The forecast said it was serious so please stay at home as we approach the night
A man will learn from his experience, he’ll remember it or he’ll pay the price
After all these years I’ve never learnt to embrace your mistakes but never twice

You can tell a man’s wisdom by the way that he thinks
So in I walk with nothing on my mind, nothing on my mind

(Copyright Jules Benjamin)

From the album 'Running From The Scene Of The Crime'

My Incredible Career - Jules Benjamin
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