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Did I go away, or did I stay at home?
Was I with my friends, perhaps I was alone?
Did I rent a car or did I travel light?
Perhaps I lost my mind, I must have lost my sight

One thing is for certain I must be getting dumber
‘Cos I don’t know what I did last summer

How am I to know? The facts are rather grey
My memory doesn’t work and my diary doesn’t say
Could have been in trouble and I may have broke the law
The truth is if I’m wanted I just don’t know what it’s for

So here’s the burning question I ask of any comer
Please tell me what I did last summer

Perhaps I went around the world in eighty days
By taxi, train or Rickshaw, or a thousand other ways
Though I’m very hopeful that I didn’t waste my time
The fact I can’t remember is certainly a crime

And somehow I can’t help thinking I was with a lover
Still I don’t know what I did last summer
I don’t know what I did last summer

(Copyright Jules Benjamin)

From the album 'International Man Of The Year'

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