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I’m a whole days drive from home
But where is home anyway?
It might as well be here
‘Cos here is where I am today
Never planned my life like this
But even so, I can’t resist
Throwing everything and flying with the wind

An old man once said to me
“Never push your dreams away
Let your passions be
The first thing that you see each day”
Tried my best to remove these chains
Of selfish needs and personal gains
I’ve tried everything, yes I have
Now I’m flying with the wind

Lost my dignity long ago
In everybody else’s eyes
I’ve still got my self-belief
And a need to reach that prize

It’s getting harder to carry on each day
I feel like I’m being forced away
So I’m leaving everything
And I’m flying with the wind
Oh yeah, I’m flying with the wind
Yes I am, I’m flying with the wind

(Copyright Jules Benjamin)

From the album 'And Life Was Cheap'

Flying With The Wind - Jules Benjamin
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