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Classically trained from the age of five, Jules soon began constructing his own tunes on the piano. As he's learned to play and understand a variety of other instruments, so his compositions have grown, becoming more refined and ambitious as the years have passed.

Jules is currently working on an instrumental album entitled 'Incidental Music for an Imagined 70s Cop Show' satisfying his obsession with classic US police series' of the 1970s (a sample of which is in the 'assorted themes' player), as well as a Latin American musical based on the life of Cuban poet/revolutionary José Martí, alive with the sound of the rumba, the danzón, mambo, cha-cha-cha and Habanera. 

Jules was proud to make his debut on the International Movie Database for scoring the 2018 movie 'Artichoke' (see above right for a selection from the soundtrack).  


Selected music from the film 'Artichoke' (2018)

Selected themes from various projects

orchestral cover_edited.jpg

Selected classical & orchestral themes

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