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Jules Benjamin was raised on a diet of Beatles, Crickets and Stones. From the first chord he played on his first piano at the age of five, he knew that he wanted to create music. Many years on, and that is exactly what he's done, in abundance. Having honed his skills as a songwriter, Jules produces catchy, thoughtful (mostly), happy (often), witty (sometimes) songs that leave the listener buoyant and suitably thought provoked.

His music was once described as 'a motor crash at a large junction. From the west come the Eagles in a pick-up truck, from the north Billy Joel on a motorbike. From the east come Elvis Costello and Ray Davis on a tandem, and from the south a taxi being shared by Paul Simon, Glenn Tilbrook and Tom Waits. But it's a nice accident where nobody gets hurt, and they all go for a drink and become friends!'



As a seasoned performer his sets are always injected with a large dose of humour and musical derring do - he will perform on multiple instruments (sometimes at the same time!) - not to mention the musical variation that only such a large back catalogue of songs can offer.

Outside of songwriting, Jules has a rich history as a live performer, performing on stage with the likes of Peter Noone, Chris Farlowe, Glenn Tilbrook, Danny Williams, Brian Hyland, Chris Montez, Mike d'Abo, Dave Berry, Mike Pender, The Fortunes and The Merseybeats, to name but a few.

As well as his one man show, Jules has spent the last six years playing keyboard and guitar for sixties revivalist outfit The New Amen Corner, but since the pandemic he has been focusing on more studio based projects, and baking bread like everybody else.

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